bazeelphooka (bazeelphooka) wrote in artists_beware,

Notice for Fur Affinity Users- Adoptables Scams, Stolen Art

WHO: Multiple accounts (Klinx, Newbieadopts, Celestyal, SurveyOnTheGo, ImInVain, etc.)

WHERE: - Multiple accounts, and creating more.

WHAT: Selling Adoptables / Plushies / Digital Art without delivery; Selling artwork that is not owned by the account owner.

WHEN: ~2 weeks (02Dec2012) and still ongoing.

EXPLAIN: For the past two weeks, Fur Affinity has been dealing with a rash of new accounts being created for the explicit purpose of attempting to sell 'stolen artwork'. These accounts only seem to remain active for a few days, reposting auctions that have already been won (again, of stolen art- usually taken from VCL or DA galleries) and then notifying the winners of where to send their payments. These payments are currently being made over PayPal, with instruction to send as a 'gift', so it may not be contested once the account is found to be a scam.

If you currently conduct business over Fur Affinity, please be aware that this is an ongoing issue, and that we are dealing with the separate accounts as soon as we find them. The user(s) have been hopping from one IP address to another, so we have been unable to maintain an IP ban on them, and have to rely on singular account suspensions. If you feel you have come across an account of this nature, please contact me directly through notes at
Tags: art theft, artist-iminvain/surveyonthego/celestyal, beware
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