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Looking for Advice!

This is my first time ever using Livejournal, so I apologise if I do anything wrong! I couldn't even work out how to write a post, ahahah.
I've been following this community for a couple of years now, and I am currently having a difficult experience with a certain person, and I'd really like some advice.

UPDATE: my friend told me that the artist said to her they still haven't been shipped, even though she said she would do it on the 15th. Apparently she will do it tomorrow, being the 18th. Once again, she didn't contact me about it, and didn't fulfil her deadline. Again.
UPDATE EDIT: turns out it was just a journal entry, she didn't contact my friend specifically.

Basically, I ordered a sculpture on the 2nd of September as a Christmas present to my boyfriend's mum. The communication was great at first, and I saw my first WIP literally 3 days after. On the 13th, I was asked for more photos so the painting would be accurate. I sent them over on the same day, and was super excited about hearing back.
I sent her a note on November 4, asking how she was getting on. She said she injured her hand but the sculpture was completely finished. She said she could get some pictures to me ASAP. This was totally fine, considering that it was still a month and a bit away from Christmas.

Now my friend had also ordered from her, so the artist decided to talk to my friend about combining shipping so we could save money. She never messaged me about this, and I only found out when my friend asked about it. We decided that everything would be shipped to my friend, and then my friend would ship my sculpture to me. I thought it was odd that the artist didn't contact me directly, but I didn't think it was weird at the time. I sent the artist another note on December 5th, as I hadn't got any other messages from her since the 4th of November. She pretty much repeated what she said from her last message. "It's done, and I'll get some pictures for you!". I finally got the pictures later that day.

Bearing in mind it is now December 5th and she only just sent me pictures of something that is supposed to be with me for Christmas. She lives in the US, and I'm in the UK. Yeah. Shipping alone takes about a week or two.

I gave her the OK and she said she would get the shipping amount. She quoted me about $20 before, and she came back with a new quote of $21 for both mine and my friend's sculptures. Totally fine~ I sent her the money through paypal, a total of $51 ($40 for the sculpture, half of the shipping as my friend was paying for the other).

Today, I received an IM from my friend asking if I got a note from the artist. I hadn't, and she proceded to tell me that the artist had a trouble with the shipping, and it was going to cost $40, not $20.
It is the 12th of December. There is no way my sculpture are going to arrive in time, especially during the Christmas period. I am really upset and just fed up. The worst part is, my boyfriend's mum won't have a present this year, even though it was commissioned in the beginning of September. What do I do?

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