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Beware: BOBZY/chicago-pd-stars and Mylafox (deactivated, has been for some time)
WHAT: Digital Sketch
WHEN: Late September and Early November
Inital journal seeking artist and my comments (capped in case of deletion):
First note about another artist coloring it and my response, read from bottom to top:
Colored image:
My response via note, read from bottom to top:
Journal of Mylafox, the coloring artist:
EXPLAIN: Bobzy posted a journal looking for an artist to commission for Sonic fanart.  I had done art for him before and so I commented on it saying I could do it. As I hadn't done Sonic art before, he only ordered a sketch. Everything with the transaction went fine. He paid and I provided the sketch, which he liked. Up to this point, the transaction was done. On Nov 4th, he contacted me about having another artist color the sketch. I admit, I misread the note and thought he was asking permission to do this. I replied that I did not want him to pay another artist to color my work, but if no money exchanged hands, it was ok. I did not recieve a message back. 

On Nov 8th, I see the colored image in his gallery. Upon inspection, I realize it was a color commission and I questioned him about it via note. The links to my TOS he and I both posted are the old and new versions. They are the same on both, but after doing his commission, I decided to try and focus on the one style more than the other, and the 'newer' one is what is posted on my front page. Before, it was the older one that was posted. These rules have not changed. After stating I was posting here, I blocked him from contacting me.
He emailed me via my private email and offered to pay "some cash to compensate for the mishap." I declined, as I felt his attitude was condescending and asked that he do not contact me again. 
I had no intention of posting Mylafox here as Bobzy could have told her it was fine to color the image. At the time, I felt she was just caught in the middle and I had no hard feelings toward her. However, the call out in her journal changed my mind. I have not had any contact with her at all.
I reported the colored image he had in his gallery and the call out journal as well. I just haven't heard anything back from dA about them, although the image is blanked out with, "deviation pending request form."

Edit: Heard back from dA about the journal: "I have reviewed this situation and I can see that it involves personal journal entries and overall does not appear to be anything which requires administrative attention. The small portion about you is not openly encouraging harassment or directing their friends/watchers to your page for abuse. It's understandably bothersome, as it is a negative opinion of yourself, but it isn't severe enough for intervention.

We will not be taking action here because journal entries are considered to be "personal space" and are therefore allowed the widest possible range of subjects and the most leniency so our staff will only intervene in a very limited set of circumstances which involve only the most severe situations and this particular journal entry simply does not qualify."

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