fritteringaway (fritteringaway) wrote in artists_beware,

WHO: Darzi/Sneezy Weasels

WHAT: Fursuits and artwork never delivered/refunded

This is actually a post from "Darzi" (I don't really go by that at this point) because I am trying to reach all of my commissioners from the past. I've gotten in touch with a few of them, and I'm really working to make amends...but I know I haven't contacted everyone, and I've lost much of my customers' information. This is just an attempt to get in touch.

Unfortunately, right now, I can't promise refunds or fursuit pieces because I am unemployed. However, I do want to establish contact so I can start getting some idea of what I owe back and begin working on it as I can. I've started three of the fursuit commissions I took from the past, but work is stalled due to lack of funds.
As soon as I have money to do so, I will be buying supplies to finish up all of my owed commissions or provide refunds. It might take me a while, but I want to get back in good standing with everyone. Just please be patient with me. I can only do so much on my limited budget, but I promise I'm trying.

If I owe you art or fursuit pieces, please email me: bailey.mauldin[at]
It might take me a little while to reply at times because I'm really busy right now, but I will get back to you! Thank you.
Tags: artist-darzi/sneezyweasels, lost contact

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