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A quick warning!

This is just a small heads up about, well, me!

I am, at the moment, terribly behind on mailing things out to commissioners. I have found myself really distracted by school (I am in my last semester of college) and responsibilities around my house, and while the artwork is done* -- I simply haven't found the time to wrap it up these transactions and send it all out.

I will start mailing things out on Wednesday, which is my one day off from classes.

I can only offer my apologies on this, and thank my commissioners for their patience.

PS -- Commissioners, please, if you do not have printed address labels, PLEASE print your address clearly on the envelope or elsewhere. I have a pair of conbadges that returned just last Saturday to my mailbox with packaging battered (but thankfully badges unharmed) with a big old "return to sender" on the front.

I mailed this out in August! D:

* meaning I have a couple conbadges needing completetion, as well as two illustrations -- though these commissioners already knew my time constraints, and I <3 them for their patience.

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