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RESOLVED - Artists Beware: Buyer "Zardis"

LSS: "Zardis" buys soap from , is displeased with it, we sent her a refund immediately, and a month later, she posts inflammatory journals about us out of the blue. So here's some caps, since she's admitted in them that she called PayPal with the intention of having them issue a larger refund, past the value of the items she purchased., and while Con*Tact can eat a bar of soap here or there, I am horrified to think she'd try this on a real commission she was displeased with.

WHO: (RL name omitted because she's a minor)
WHAT: I don't really know what exactly to call this. :/
WHERE: Through our own website, email, and FurAffinity
WHY: ????????
WHEN: September-December 2012

Woke up to this today.

She deleted the original journal, which then became this beast (I am Poison, in the comments):

Here's her original complaint, now that you've read all of her current complaints. This is dated 11/1/12

I never did see those photos.

Our reply, with the same date.

This is her original reply she sent us, on 11/1. We considered the issue closed at that point.

And here's our 11/2 refund, with both transactions. Note that just over a month has passed between the two, because we shipped her soap and she was displeased between those two dates.

This girl has previously purchased from us. In fact, we missed her FREE sample last order, and she sent us an email complaining over the omission. We made up a pack of samples for her, on our own dime, wrote the customs form, drove it to the post office, waited in line, and paid out of our own pockets to send her additional free merchandise, just to keep our customer's goodwill.

Now, our site says all over it "Caffeine soap is not intended for those under 18", and I couldn't help but notice that on her fursuiting FA, she mentions she's 15 (dated 2010). So even if it hasn't been edited since then, she'd still be a minor, which leads me to worry about PayPal - don't they have a strict over-18 policy?

CONFIRMED: She is 16 as of this post, and using PayPal as a minor (with her own money)


So, that's it. I thought that we closed the case, guess not! Beware!

EDIT: This is the threat note she received from the FA account "Cerberus." , sent right around the same time as her journal posts, from an empty FA account.

EDIT2: Followup from FA administrators regarding the threat, stating that she sent herself the note.

EDIT3: We've now received notes from her boyfriend, "shady." on ConTact's account. (already sent in my harassment ticket)

EDIT4: She's sent us a private apology over all of this (and apologizing on her boyfriend's behalf), and we're considering the issue closed and resolved.

EDIT5: She's back and arguing again over $0.01 , apparently

EDIT6: After spending a day and a half arguing with a 16 year old on the internet, I'm entirely out of energy for this anymore. It's as resolved as it's going to get.
Tags: beware, comm-zardis, resolved
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