Caden Stallsworth (crazeetyger) wrote in artists_beware,
Caden Stallsworth


About a month or so ago, I was commissioned by a friend for a sketch. They paid, I drew it, they loved it and end of story. A few weeks later, he dropped me a note telling me about an artist who was taking color commissions. I thought he was asking me if he could have it colored. I wasn't comfortable with that and told him that, but if money didn't exchange hands, he could. He didn't reply. A few days later, I saw that he did pay this other artist to color my work. I asked him about it but he claimed it shouldn't matter as he had done the same with other artists and they "loved what he had done."

I attempted to post a beware but something happened with the code and LJ and it was rejected. I have to admit, I was somewhat relieved as I considered him a friend and thought maybe I acted too rashly. So, it was rejected and I left it alone.

However, it's been brought to my attention that the artist he had commissioned to color it, has made a point on her page to call me out and not to commission me as I am "jealous and not a pro." I have not had any contact with this artist at all.

My question is should I post a beware on both of these people? I'm just torn on it.

Tags: advice for artists
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