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Hey all! Just a quick question.

I have lost contact with 2 different people, both of whom I am trying to get a hold of so I can refund their commissions. My email address hasn't changed, so they should both have a means of contacting me. I've also gone by the same artist name for nearly 10 years and a google search brings me up very easily.
One commissioner is a friend and the other, a random person who contacted me through a LJ community. Both paid me in advance and each commission was about $30.

The friend, who went by SoulScream, has a diminished presence online, period. She may go by a different name now? But I would think she'd have informed me or posted about it somewhere if she merely changed names. I've tried contacting her through several avenues and never get a reply and I'm starting to think she just disappeared like people sometimes do. She was most active on dA, but hasn't posted anything there for over 2 years.
She paid in 2008. I have her commission sketched and partially inked, but it was one of the first things I did after getting a tablet and I didn't know much about working digitally. I don't really want to finish it at that quality level, but I don't want to redraw it either, especially without verifying that she even still would prefer the commission to be finished over a refund.
What should I do in this situation? Is this one of those times where I should just write it off? If she contacts me again, I'd be more than happy to refund her commission, but at this point, I'm 98% sure she's all but forgotten about it and I don't think she checks her email, dA or LJ anymore. I've even tried googling her real name to see if she has a Facebook or something where I could message her, but I get a professional male golfer in google search so it might be a moniker?

The random LJ community guy is a bigger issue, though. All I know of him is his first name. He posted a "looking for an artist" post and I can't remember his LJ name or the community name because we took it to emails immediately after exchanging one comment. I'm not even sure what year this was, but I'm sure it was 07 or 08. He paid and I got a rough sketch finished, but was never pleased with it. I admittedly dropped the ball for a while. He never contacted me once to check up and by the time I got "with it" and started trying to make up for things and be responsible and more proactive with my commissioners, I got no replies to the emails I sent him.
I thought I still had the emails we exchanged, but I just checked and can't find a single one so I apparently don't even have his email address anymore. I had some issues with my ex hacking into my email accounts a while back and may have deleted them by accident while trying to limit his access to my personal business. :/ Honestly not sure how it happened since I keep my commission emails neatly organized inside separate folders, which weren't touched in said hacking, but I digress.
I have NO earthly idea what to do now. He wasn't part of a fandom, he was just a guy looking for a pet portrait. I sent him a couple emails over the past year and a half, but got no reply and the only other contact I had for him [a MySpace page dedicated to his dog] has been gone for some time. It eats away at my conscience, but I can't think of a way to resolve it unless he gets in contact with me.

I fully admit this has all been my fault, but I have grown up a lot in the past 4-5 years and have tried to avoid making these kinds of major mistakes anymore. All I wish to do now is rectify my past transgressions, so any advice would be much appreciated! TIA. :)
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