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I'm at a loss.

I'm not really sure what to do about this situation :c

Okay so a while back the artist in question was taking sketch pages, they were doing them for fairly cheap and I admired the artist's style and work, and they had been very good with commissions from what I'd seen. It was basically me paying for a slot to be done on a certain day, and I didn't have to pay until the day came around. And I was totally fine with this, I agreed and all was well, when the day got close I went ahead and sent payment, figuring the artist would appreciate my prompt payment and would be delivering the art the day it was promised, since they'd done all the other ones in a fairly timely manner.

When the day came and I didn't get the art I was promised, I didn't think anything of it and gave it a day or so...

The original note that I sent to grab a spot was sent on: June 12th, 2011
The date of my sent payment: July 21st, 2011 only a few days before the payment's due date (July 23rd)

I still haven't gotten the art I was promised, They did do a few colored sketches as an apology, and offered a refund...But I really do just want the art I was promised. And they've been polite so no problems there, but it just seems like more and more reasons keep coming up as to why it isn't finished...And it is very frustrating to see them doing other personal art and commissions when they still owe me something from a year ago...They've been taking on a lot of commissions for different financial reasons and I do sympathize, I really do, but the fact is I was promised art a while ago and still haven't gotten it.

I don't really know what to do, I don't want to make this a beware because aside from MY commission they do good work for people...But that kind of just makes me feel worse. I sent them one last note because that is all I can think to do? They offered to do a different type of commission for me on the grounds that they didn't feel comfortable with the style of the ones they were doing, and I was totally fine with that, but I still haven't gotten anything.

I'm sorry if this doesn't go here I just need advice and I guess needed to get this out...It's been bothering me for a while, my friend too, as his character is also featured in the commission.

I guess what I want to know is...Is it worth waiting for my art or should I just get a refund? I love their art and would still love to get the finished products but...I just don't know.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for any help or advice you can offer. It is really really appreciated.
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