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How-To-Freelance Resources!

As Artists_Beware does its best to not only be a review service, but also a good place for artists and clients both to get advice, and share experience.

Today I learned the following: Clients from Hell ( recently posted a FREE E-BOOK that is freaking AMAZING about how to set up your freelance business. It has a rundown of just about every question that's been asked under the 'advice for artists' tag, and has a ton of professional, helpful resources. It's more geared towards freelance designers and writers than illustrators, but it's still an amazing read.

Here's the link:

If you enjoy the ebook, if you like their product, please consider signing up for their mailing list, as it has lots of tips and other funny stuff. If you have the cash, their book are also amazing, which you can find on Amazon. I don't normally plug stuff like this, but the mailing list is all they asked for in return, and I don't think that's too much to ask c:

This post is for people to post other such links. Resources for artists to get themselves started, manage what they have, market and get more business, etc. Please keep it as "professional" as possible, from sources we can trust. We're trying to avoid FA/dA journals and the like in this post.

Also if you have any good books, post them here as well! The standard list includes the following:
The Artist's Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love by Jackie Battenfield
Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines by the Graphic Artist's Guild
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