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Problems with PIRATE-CASHOO

WHO pirate-cashoo / zombiebooty / zombiepirate


WHAT: hree (3) commissions, total worth $285 - also offered a free full body colored sketch, to be worked on in december as by then, her workload wouldn't be as much.

WHEN: start of March this year - ongoing now.

The long version, with screencaps and suchCollapse )

Summary: wes me (and a friend who is sharing a commission with me) $285 worth of art, the oldest piece since March 11th. Poor communication, endless promises, constant "troubles" on her end that cause delays... and yet she always has time to open for more commissions!

My email to her this morning, and her reply after I submitted my AB post (though prior to it being made public)Collapse )


She has responded to my email from this morning... I warn you guys, it's not pretty.

My email from this morning, and her responseCollapse )

Edit November 23rd

Cashoo emailed me yesterday to apologize... To sum it up, she herself has been feeling mentally unstable and depressed, but most importantly she admits to her mistakes. She still talks about how she can't control the patience levels of her customers, though... :/ She can, however, if she just brushes up on communication and provides regular updates. I don't think she has looked at the new posts here about her, either... at least, that's what she said.

I replied to her just now... I needed some time to decide on what to say... and here is what I decided to say...

My email to Cashoo today, November 23rdCollapse )

I guess... the only thing to be done now is to wait, wait and see if she follows through and keeps up with regular updates and such. I'm worried her backlog may be much longer tha just 0 commissions though... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Edit November 28th

Haven't heard back from her since I sent my email on the 23rd... I've sent 2 short messages since, just asking for the wip's she claimed she had for me in a previous message. am starting to suspect there are no further wip's, that it's just another lie. :'/ I'll keep you guys updated!

Edit November 29th

Stil ignoring me, but... she's opened for MORE COMMISSIONS at DA! This is just... Enraged, I am.

Edit November 30th

Finally got some wip's today! No work has been done on my oldest commission, though... I asked for a deadline for it, before Christmas. I won't be able to view this as "resolved" until all 3 commissions have been finished, though.

Edit December 6th

Well, she pulled a nice stunt in a comment on her own journal on DA, using my "mental instability" as a public excuse, trying to yet again make herself look like a victim. This was the last straw for me, and I've emailed her just now, asking for a partial refund... Here's my email I just sent:

hey, I wanted to suggest something... because to be perfectly honest, I'm not really all that excited about getting those last two commissions from you anymore. after dealing with you and seeing your true colors, your art has simply become anything but appealing to me, sorry to say.

so what I want to suggest is a partial refund; a percentage of what I paid you for the colored sketch comm ($70) and the 2-char full body hi-res comm ($185) - I would be content with getting just $185 back, and it wouldn't have to be right away or all at once, though I would request we decide on when payment(s) would be made to avoid further conflicts. thing is... I'm just so fed up with you, and the last straw was when you openly defended yourself in a comment on your journal on DA, using my "mental instability" in your defense, a stunt that has quite a lot of people even more angry with you now than before. no use running and hiding that comment, either, as myself and several others have it screen capped. :/

please answer promptly - honestly, even if you finish the commissions, there's no pleasure in it for me at this point... I do hope you understand.

Honestly? I'm expecting nothing more or less than yet another boo-hoo sob story as a reply. I feel I'm letting her off easy, though. Offering to take a refund, a partial one, and not all at once... so she won't have to draw anything more for the "mentally unstable" lady who has ruined her career. Just... ugh. Even if she were to complete the commissions... at this point, I'd still consider it wasted money, for (I hope) obvious reasons.

December 15th Edit

Well, finally an update. I emailed her on the 6th, you can see the message above here... and she replied the day after, with the usual wall-of-sob, but also agreed that if a partial refund is what I really wanted, she'd try to work out a payment plan with me. I replied right away (this was on the 7th) and told her I'd give her until the end of the year to complete the commissions... because as usual, I'm a pushover, even when people don't deserve any patience or kindness at all. I told her I needed a prompt reply, and have sent her TWO reminders of my message since. It is now the 15th, 8 days since my message to her. So... it's safe to say she's ignoring me again, as I know she's been online. :/ At this point... I honestly consider the money lost, and am not expecting to see the completed commissions. If there are any updates, I'll let you guys know.

December 15th Second Edit

She replied - more sob stories, of course, but that's to be expected. I'm really annoyed now though, as she did not even hint at the status of my commissions, answer my question about whether she could complete it by the end of the year... She basically ignored my main concern, wrote a few paragraphs of sob, and left it at that. I replied right away, saying I only needed a simple "yes" or "no" answer about the commissions... Let's see if she manages to turn a simple yes or no into another wall-of-sob. :/ Here's the email...

December 15th emailsCollapse )

Edit December 22nd

She took 12 days to reply, but she finally did on the 20th and she has promised to have one of my commissions done by the end of the year! Fingers crossed... As for the last of the commissions, I've asked to see it finished in January. No reply yet, but we'll see. I'll update this thread accordingly.

January 4th 2013 EDIT

The commission since March has FINALLY been completed, 4 days after the given (and promised) deadline. 2 down, 1 to go! I've given a strict deadline of end of January, and do hope it will be honored. :/

January 29th 2013 EDIT

Pirate-Cashoo is ignoring me again. I've sent her a couple of emails, but nothing. I know she's working on art, too... but I don't believe my piece is one them. I mentioned to her on several occasions that I expected my final commission to be completed by the end of this month. At this point... all I'm expecting is another broken promise to add to her already long trail of lies.

March 1st 2013 EDIT

Another edit for the sake of updating... although there's nothing to update. I've not heard a single word from cashoo. I am too busy with school and personal issues to keep emailing her, I just hope she will contact me soon with an update, or best of all, the last commission finished.

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