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Update on an older thread

Hello all;

This is a follow up and update to this post from last autumn; in my entry there I stated that I'd follow up if anything changed. At present, the transaction I mentioned in that thread, a commission from August 2004, has apparently been completed. I've received a scan from Redfeatherhusky's SO of the finished product, and pending receiving the physical copy I'm calling it closed as far as I am concerned.

This has been a problematic commission process, as there were long periods of no answer to communication attempts as well as issues with stated deadlines, but it seems to have successfully closed out in the end. Redfeatherhusky is apparently trying to improve her business practices as she states in this posting, and as she is a talented artist I hope she succeeds in doing so. Hopefully this will be the end of the matter as far as artists_beware is concerned.

Thanks all.
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