Anjel (anjel_kitty) wrote in artists_beware,

Artist_reccomend and updates on "the list"

I was wondering what ya'll thought of creating a community call Aritst_reccomend where people could post about good experiences they have had with artists, and reccomend them for future business, sort of a Ying to this comm's yang.
Do you think a community like this would be useful?

And in other news, I am going to be complining the final list to post up for memories sometime this week so if you have any further suggestions about what is good practice for taking or making commisions, please post it here so it can be included, Ch'marr, the head mod of VCL has asked to use the list for VCL, so I want to make it very good, and I would espeically apperciate all of ya'lls input.

Thank you in advance,

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