Saucy Chestnipple Mc.Fuzzy (chestnipple) wrote in artists_beware,
Saucy Chestnipple Mc.Fuzzy

WHO: Zipi
WHAT: Commissioned for digital art, but never payed for it, even after the drawing is finished. (two pieces, one payed, the other not)

WHEN: Request was done on July 3.  First drawing was finished on July 9, seccond on July 10.  Payment for the first commission was got on the same day.  Seccond payment never happened.

Aggreement on payment for the two pieces at the end of the month, and payment for the first piece on the same day as the pm
was sent:

At the end of the month, I ask for update about the payment:

Getting no reply; I send an other note a little over a week later:

I get a reply 5 days later, after making a journal asking for people if they had contact with zipi and could help me with it (the journal got deleted after I got a reply):

I send an other pm over a month later; asking about payment:

The pm is read, but I get no reply  (there is a little yellow enveloppe next to unread messages):

I try to contact them with a shout, but got no reply:

User is obviously active on the website:

User also commissioned other artists after commissioning me:

EXPLAIN: I have done two commissions for zipi 4 months ago, but got only payed for one, and the user is now ignoring me when I try to contact them.  They also commissioned other artists since.

Tags: beware, comm-zipi

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