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A warning FOR artists? Wow!

I was looking thru the newly revived FA the other night and I came across a few pieces that were done for someone known as JasonJ or "Shrunken One". Not that it's a huge deal, he's a nice enough guy to talk with and all, but since it apprears he's still around and asking for work to be done, I feel the need to mention this.

First and foremost, he's not exactly tactful and is extremely picky about what he likes. Mouthshot in particular. He can be a real pain to work with and for. If you're not into his precise taste of a rather odd kink, I've heard a few cases where someone that matches his personality has harrassed a few different artists into outright refusing micro or micro or vore of any kind... not because they hate it.. just becuase of that one rather nasty encounter; that rash may or may not be him, I can't say for sure, but it's got some uncanny similar markings.

The thing that really grinds on me is how I did a couple of projects for him in years past and after all the corrections and changes and fixes and redraws and hours of expended time, he never bothered to pay for them, even after repeated reminders.

I can still hold a civil conversation with the guy if we had anything to talk about... hell, after I sold his piece on furbid for half price, I was willing to forget about this whole mess, but this is more than just me that's involved. Just so you other artists know, if you're contacted by him, be REAL careful. He's the one that taught me to never send a full size color scan of anything until payment is received in full. He got his image and promptly went radio silent on me.

Remember.... blurry, pixelated, little thumbnails of the finished product are your friends.

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