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EDIT #2: ribbun has finally sent me my refund, so this can be marked as resolved! finally..

: ribbun
where /!326

what: a mock 'sticker set' commission like this. they were only open for a limited time, so i snagged myself another one later in the day. later on, i had bad feelings about getting another, knowing she'd burn out on them eventually... but i resisted on changing my mind, knowing she needed the money for a reason i can't remember atm.

when: 4-5 months ago, in may, after i received mozaik's sticker set.

proof/explain: after having received mozaik's piece, i immediately wanted another so i told her i'd note her and had sent the note with the details and told i was put on the commission list.

i promptly sent the payment (that was the basic rule, to send it when you were added to the list) on may 6th, the same day she had posted my previous commission.

she knew it was from me, when she saw it in her paypal- because i always title my paypal payments with my username, and what it's for.

i was getting tired of waiting throughout june. i was busy on vacation, and didn't really mind how long she was taking. later on in the beginning of july, i instantly regretted getting another, knowing she of course, must have just lost the inspiration to get them done. at first, i sent a note on july 13th, but it remained unread. i gave it time, knowing she must've been busy...

so i emailed her instead, asking about a refund, on august 4th. i included my friend, ange, thinking it was easier to just let her know we both wanted one; ange is in the same situation as me, waiting on a sticker commission.

she replied the next day, on the 5th telling me how she had just moved, had no internet, and it would be a few more weeks until i could get a refund. that's okay, so i waited until august 30th. that should be enough time, right? so i sent another email. she gave me another excuse.

i emailed again, on september 17th. no reply.

i emailed AGAIN on OCTOBER 4TH. no reply.

my main problem is, after sending various emails asking for the status, is that after telling me she'd pay me back 'in a few weeks', she had stopped replying. i figured, you know, she has things going on, i'm fine with waiting. until i discovered she's been active on both of her tumblrs and on anipan, uploading art and... ignoring me possibly?

i've had issues before on waiting for a while for art (it was a commissioned design), as have my other friends who have commissioned her. she is somewhat slow when she's not motivated, which is understandable.. but i assume if she's using these sites, she probably actively checks her email, a listed contact on her fa page?? so why am i not getting a reply while she's on other sites??

so.. at this point, i don't know. i really would like my refund without these redundant excuses popping up- $12 isn't that hard to make with her skills. i shouldn't have to have waited 5 months, playing tag over email for weeks.

EDIT #1: since it took this post so long to be approved, i have to mention i sent ribbun a message over tumblr a few days before posting here which she replied to... and then i replied to her. no refunds still, after giving her our emails within that day.

so then i sent this message, screencapped it on tumblr in case she doesn't reply/get to it or whatever and we have yet to see any money in our paypal accounts from her. so, yeah, i guess i'll have to continue playing the waiting game.
Tags: artist-ribbun, resolved

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