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ref commission advice

Before I start, I'm gonna say that I understand that every artist does things differently and I should always check their TOS before commissioning them. But I'm asking for advice on these things in a "is this normal/customary" kind of way.

I've never commissioned a ref sheet before and I'm not sure how to go about it because of two big questions I have.
  1. It's pretty common to see clean and dirty versions of ref sheets. If I wanted both, would I have to pay extra to get two copies...? Did you have to pay extra for both copies?
  2. Is it considered...impolite or rude to ask for a .psd/.sai file of your ref sheet? For example if later you want to change the text because you edited the character. If not would this cost extra too usually?
Any advice on this would be appreciated, like I said I know everyone is different but I want to see if there's a general consensus.

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Oct. 1st, 2012 11:05 pm (UTC)
1. Like nambroth said, the first one depends entirely on the artist. Some would do a naughty version and slap a censor sticker over. Some [like me, if I did adult refs] with simpler styles could just edit the lineart slightly and color appropriately.

You could always just request the adult version [keeping in mind some artists charge extra for that, but not all] and then request a censored version. Making a censor bar shouldn't take any time at all and will allow for a "clean" reference without much extra effort on the artist's part.

Also keep in mind that some adult refs will vary due to the fact that some artists will do "close up" shots of the character's genitals and close up shots in general sometimes cost a bit extra.

2. Not rude. Again, it depends on the artist. I don't mind giving the base files to a customer. I actually had a ref sheet commission where it was requested I make it so the commissioner could move the poses, closeups and color swatches around to design her own reference, kind of like a sticker sheet. :) She made a really pretty background for it and typed in all her own text and it turned out great!

Anyway, it couldn't hurt to ask, but make sure you DO ask. Most artists, in my experience, are very understanding and will work with you. :) If there are certain things you want/don't want, shop around before making your final decision on who to commission.


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