Jen (tentaclejen) wrote in artists_beware,

still without refund - legal actions?

I had hoped that my earlier post concerning Sarah Kanish's neglect to refund my money from a commission placed over a year ago would force her into confronting the issue. Wrong.

In fact, now Sarah (astra_valyesky) will neither reply to my e-mails or answer the multiple comments I have left in her LiveJournal. Is there any possible way to recover my money? She has stolen that money from me and I would like it returned (which she promised multiple times to do!).

The only contact information that I have for Sarah is either digital or incomplete. I know the town in which her mother still resides, and I know which school campus she is currently attending. Even if I were to attempt to send an authorized letter describing a magistrate's order to refund my money, I doubt the letter could ever reach her. I'm not even sure if my district magistrate would be able to help. I have considered just letting it go, but that would mean I somehow approved of her actions and nothing could be farther from the truth. If she has ripped off a customer once she will do it again and it needs to be haulted.

I still have all of our original e-mail conversations between us describing the commission-to-be, pricing, and expected time ranges to have the piece completed.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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