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Advice: How to politely and effectively state what subject matter/style you're willing to do

Hi there, A_B! I've got a little quandary, and I could use some advice. I am a fursuit maker, and recently I've decided that I would like to only take on new projects with natural colors. I've always leaned towards realism, but after some introspection I've decided to focus on that exclusively. I have several reasons: fur selection is better for realistic colors in the styles of furs I use, I don't connect as well with non-natural colored projects and feel that I could do better with realistic colors, limited availability which makes me want to choose projects that will make me grow more/push my limits more/be more enjoyable for me, and last but not least personal preference. I know it will lose me potential sales, but this is a risk I'm willing to take.

My problem lies with how to communicate this to all potential commissioners in a way that will get through to them without coming off as a dick. I mean, I could just say, "no", but I try to be friendly and approachable to a fault. I just don't want to have to go through this whole spiel every time, and I'm not sure it warrants adding to my TOS.

I imagine it the same as a digital/traditional artist deciding they're not comfortable with x, y, and z subjects, so how do you all declare what you are and are not willing to do?
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