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Advice - never received art in the mail

About a month and a half ago I commissioned a badge and ref sheet from an artist doing PWYW commissions, I paid $25 on june 29th for a simple ref sheet and a traditional badge.

Everything went fine, she finished my ref sheet and then the badge. The badge was posted on July 9th.

I waited a while for her to ship it and then noted her on august 2nd:

She promptly resonded and said it would be mailed after she got off work also on august 2nd:

I then waited and waited and the badge never came, I decided that I would poke her to see if I could find out where it was on august 25th:

She responded and said that it was indeed shipped a few weeks ago and she would check:

Thats the last I heard from her..

The badge still has not arrived and its been over a month since it was shipped, I'd imagine it would be here by now, we are both in the USA

I sent her a message today asking about it again, no response yet.

Just curious as to what I should do about this?

My friend told me that she also got a badge in early november and did not get it until early feb or I am not completely sure, but if she said she shipped it I can imagine it would not be here.

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