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My experience with Samoht-lion

WHO: Samoht-lion

WHERE: (Warning, adult)

WHAT: Inked adult commission of two characters colored with background

WHEN: Started June 12, 2012, Payment on same day, Signs of trouble on June 25th.

PROOF: (See screenshots, Warning may contain adult content)

Edited so that people dont think i'm upset about the wait time :(

In June 12 i won a auction for a commission, the artist said they would work on it while at AC (This was a lie). Time goes by and i ask for a update, which he sais he will do it this coming Friday. There is a lot of back and forth conversation, he forgets who i was and asks for the information again. After that first lie, and being forgotten, and the fact that he put me at the bottom of the commission list (all the commissions he got from AC were at the top).. i started to get worried. I emailed him every week to two weeks, and the replies came in excuses. Ranging from Jury duty, class finals, being sick and working midnight shift. I started to just not believe him, if he had so many life issues why was he posting commissions from AC and lots of artwork for a tshirt contest? July 7th comes and he gives me the final image, problem is the auction states that it would be colored and it was only inked. He told me he would color it, and on July 23rd he gives me the final image. The problem is, he colored my hair red. I sent him a frustrated email, explaining i was sick of the hole thing, i didn't even ask for a refund. I was upset at the hole situation. He told me he would give me a refund (a refund i didn't even ask for), and gave it to me on Aug. 2nd (Excluding shipping, which i had thought he just forgot). A month goes by, and on Aug. 24th my bfs mother picks up a package at the post office. It didn't have a name on it. She opens it, and behold, it was the ADULT picture in all its glory. He didn't discuss if i wanted the picture still, he didn't ask he just sent it and without a name at that.. almost a month after the fact. This makes me feel guilty because he gave me a refund and sent me the item (both things i never asked for, or was discussed)

Here is my list of why i believe i had so much trouble with this person:
1. He lied when stating he would work on it at ac, and countless other times. Instead when i ask for a update he gives me a excuse as to why he didn't work on it (even though he promised he would)
2. He forgot who i was, and asked what my commision was. This made me feel like i was worthless, that he didn't care enough to organize his commisions. I felt like i was a nothing.
3. He listed his auction wrong, making me have to ask him to do what the auction stated because my contest was for a full colored picture (Which made me feel worse)
4. He colored my hair wrong
5. He didn't put a name when he sent the item
6. He didn't tell me he was sending the item, which i would have said not to since he had already given me a refund

I am not demanding anything from him, i dont care about not recieving the shipping. I am simply telling others how he has treated my commision. I am upset, not about the time frame in which he completed it (Which was quick!) but the way he handled it. It was very unorganized and i wish it could have worked out better. I am very sorry that i seemed annoying in me asking for a update every 9-15 days, but you have to understand that i was scared. Scared that he was not going to finish the job from the signs i saw. Which are listed above. When i do papercraft commisions, people note me frequently about how their project is coming along. And i love it, because i can give them updates like "Oh, the head is almost done! Working on the legs now..." I like it because i can see how progress is being made and makes me even more excited for when its done. I was not demanding, rude, or upset whenever i asked for a update (except when i found out my hair wasn't colored right). The only reason i noted him frequently was because i had reason to. I wasn't noting him every other day, which i would find exessive.

Tags: artist-samoht-lion, beware

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