Victor Redtail (sawblade5) wrote in artists_beware,
Victor Redtail

Advice Needed: Dealing With Artists With Overzelious Email SPAM Filters

I am having an issue with a most recent new body suit commission due to an artists do to my emails apparently getting lost in their email providers SPAM filters. (Email services like,,, ETC) This is not the first time it has happened to me. I have suspected SPAM Filters from other commissions I did. Such as another Fursuit Commission from an Artist that had as I seem to had emails lost or most likely ignored in their SPAM filter and that commission ended in very unsatisfactory results. I have heard has issues with email throttling on top of their overzealous SPAM filters. I don't know what is going on with on this issue but it seems to be weird.

I currently use Gmail for my primary email account due to the problem with my incoming mail getting lost or throttled by my previous email provider and so far I have not lost any email and I do check my SPAM folder regularly.

So I have a few questions about this:

How do I deal with or get into contact with an Artist with an Overzealous SPAM Filter?

Who is responsible for getting the SPAM filter issue resolved? If it's me the commissioner how do I resolve the issue with their email provider?

What do I need to do to keep my emails from getting lost in one of these overzealous SPAM filters?

Note to Artists on here please check your SPAM filters. You may be missing out on Commissions on it and may end up here if there's a problem with someones commission. This may cause you to have a unneeded AB Post about you here.

Your guys help will be appreciated.
Tags: advice for commissioners


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