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Artist Beware: Emily E Evaold aka Emisa

WHO Emily E Evaold aka Emisa






What leads me here today is I feel like this is the last place I can go. I paid for artwork for this person over a year ago, and seems like I have no way to get my money or art from her. I really do not want anyone else to end up the same way so I am posting this here.

Back in early July/ late June 2011 I sold some loaned some costuming items and sold other costuming items as well as other items VHS tapes, clothes and books to her and her sister. I sold the items for a VERY good price. I accepted part of the payment to be made in art as well as cash. The following transaction happened via facebook. During the whole ordeal I have called and texted her having to find out from other people her phone is turned off, and never getting a reply back from her. At once point she even changed her number on me and never gave me the new telephone number.

After this last message I have been removed from her friends list on facebook.
UPDATE AS OF 9.11.2012
The artist I have made this post about has private messaged me on facebook today with this message.
For the record I do NOT make 20 facebook messages a day.

I cannot say for certain but I think this post on her timeline may also be about me.

I have not replied to ither about this, I was hoping for some advice on this matter and what to do. Please and Thank you.

UPDATE 10-21-2012

The artist has made an updated commission sheet, located here:

No where does this state she does not draw furries.

I still have not received any form of refund or art from this artist.

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