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Beware: TsukiKazuo / SuicideHollow / Bubblepup

WHO: TsukiKazuo / SuicideHollow / Bubblepup 


WHAT: Refund on 2 Flat Color Full Body

WHEN:  November 5th, 2011


First Journal of Commissions Opened

Last Update heard from Bubblepup

Screenshot if she deletes:

Screenshot of Paypal Transfer of $22.44:

Here is screenshots of the transation and agreement of the commissions in order:

agreement to refund:

Opening New Commissions:


Back in November, 2011 I commissioned bubblepup for 2 full body flat colored commissions. Since then it has been a hassle to get in contact and keep in contact with her.

Months go by and I had yet to get a reply from Bubblepup.

Trying to be understanding of situations I sought her out. My girlfriend mentioned she had a Deviantart.

From there I had to chase her down on Tumblr, Facebook, Deviantart, and other sites just to get a response from her. It was getting to the point I just wanted a refund in which I later asked for.

As you can see I have asked for a refund and have yet to recieve one since she has responded to me. Last contact was August 3rd, 2012 and I have yet to get a refund or heard any word.

Later I found she abandoned her Deviantart Account SuicideHollow a week ago and made a new account TsukiKazuo.

It makes it look like she is avoiding refunding me all together now and taking in new commissions on her new account. From how many accounts she has made it seems suspicious and makes me wonder if she has done this to others.

Mood: Aggravated

*Edit* Well i was promised a refund and was told twice she had the money.....I have yet to still get it. She said more then once that all she had to do was get it on her paypal and that her cousin could do it......well it's been like a month or over now . I'm pissed and just about done.

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