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Looking for Advice about Seeking a Refund

I'm looking for advice about a problem I'm having with an artist I commissioned. I commissioned this person for eight different pieces of art, equaling almost four hundred dollars total. Only three of these commissions were completed. Recently, my paypal was hacked and my credit card information was stolen and used. I gave my credit card company a list of the fraudelant charges, but they made an error and filed chargebacks on every transaction on that card since february, putting holds on several artists' account, including this artist. I informed all of the artists that, since I won't be getting money back from the credit card company for several months, I would pay them the money that was taken from their accounts if they were in desperate need and couldn't wait.

This artist informed me they needed the money for bills, as paypal took the money that was in their account and put it in the negative. I paid them the money I had originally given them because I didn't want them to be unable to pay rent because of my mistake. They then told me to give them the money that had also been in their account, which was more than I had given them for the commissions. I refused and they did not mention it again. They then asked me to pay for the fees that paypal hit them with. I told them that they just needed to call paypal and explain the situation and they would not fee this person, which is what other artists hit by this had successfully done, but they informed me that paypal said that wouldn't work in this person's case. I do not know why and directed them to some of the artists that had gotten the fees taken off.

Recently, this artist got a job and made a journal stating they would give refunds when they were financially secure. I asked them if they could put me on this list since they were no longer in dire need of that money for rent and I could use it to pay off someone else. They contacted me back saying to just let the credit card company handle it, since I would probably be getting the original money back from them. I explained to this person that I didn't know if the credit card company would give me all of it back and even if they did, I want a refund of the second payment I gave them, that as it stands now, I paid them twice. They noted me back saying that it was up to paypal or the credit card company to give that money back, that I didn't pay them for anything let alone twice. They did say that they would give it back if they needed to, but that I should wait for everything to be resolved through the credit card company, but I won't be seeing any money from them until around november, maybe later.

I noted them back saying that I don't mind if the refund isn't immediate, I would just like to be on their list of people to be refunded and tried to explain more clearly that I did pay them twice, it was just that the first payment was taken by a third party and that I want the second payment back when they feel financially comfortable. They noted me back saying that they didn't think a refund would be any time soon, but they would see what they would do.

Then this person noted me again, eight minutes later, detailing the bills they needed to pay as an example of why I won't be getting my money back any time soon, which is fine, I have bills, too and I understand. But they then stated that their other commissioners come first because they have been 'oddly patient' and 'deserve the money fair and square', that even though they hadn't started on my commissions, that money was still rightfully theirs. I'm sure that they didn't mean for it to sound this way, but I felt they were insinuating that because I was looking for a refund, and that I needed this money back because my credit card company screwed up, I should be penalized or I didn't deserve any of my money back.

I don't mind that they won't be able to give me a refund immediately, I mostly just want them to understand that they do owe me, either through art or my money back, but so far, it looks like they think they don't owe me anything. I'm not putting any of the screenshots in this post because I'm just looking for advice on what to do. Should I wait for my credit card company to resolve everything or try to further explain things to this individual? I just want to make sure that this 390 dollars doesn't disappear through misinformation.

Also, I apologize if I did this post wrong, this is my first post here.
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