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BEWARE: Abe Gribble

WHO: Abe Gribble

WHERE: email??

WHAT: 2-for-1 commission

WHEN: July 20-Aug 11

I was commissioned to draw something for someone who contacted me via email. He gave no word on being on other social art sites, though I am assuming they are on furaffinity or da as that’s where I posted my special offer

Link to original journal offering these:

He contacted me and the emails are here:

Here is a screenshot of the payment he sent me, I screenshot all of my commission transactions for catalogueing and easy access when I have a huge amount of commissioners (to help me find who has paid and who hasn’t)

He sent me more than nwas required which I thought twas nice.

I sent the finished image out on the 5th , he never responded to my email, or any other emails asking for a second commission. Here is the finished commission:

 this comes:

I’ve contacted him about the charge, but so far they have not responded. I am talking to my friend about this guy and she gave me a warning:

be warned! If this guy ever tries to commission you, do not let him. I do realise that it has only been a day since the person has initiated the charge, and I have trust in my friend for years. Since more than 2 people are affected (me and my friend and some of her artist friends) from this guy’s dealing, it may be best to post him here.

A question, can I post a link to this in my journal if I tell them not to harass Gribble?

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