Timoran Synkral (timoran) wrote in artists_beware,
Timoran Synkral

Unprofessional artist says "No refund or art for you!" (Resolved)

WHO: Bailey, xxnanamithehuskyxx on FA http://www.furaffinity.net/user/xxnanamithehuskyxx/

WHERE: FA (An "auction" journal which I bid on. The artist deleted the auction journal.)

WHAT: A digital colored "pinup" adult commission. Note: The price was $10, which I understand is a small amount of money. This is a matter of principle: If this artist will steal $10 from me, she will steal $100 or $1,000 from somebody else.

WHEN/EXPLAIN: Commissioned and paid 3/6 per artist's prepay policy. I asked when to expect it 3/22 and she said "a week to a few months." I asked again on 5/13 and she said she was having problems with the software. I asked for a commitment to one month (6/13) longer since I was already sensing this artist was planning to run away with my money. Immediately she got defensive and threatened to report me for harassment for contacting her about my prepaid commission (which I guess FA decided my communication does NOT constitute harassment, since I never heard anything from any admin).

On 5/14 I was sent a very rough sketch, but nonetheless I was happy with how it was looking and gave the artist more time. The art did look good and if it had not been such an unprofessional and awful communication from this artist it would be worth more than $10 and probably would have been tipped. But once again, I hear nothing from the artist after this.

I asked for a status update 7/15 and the response was that I would receive a refund "as soon as I can." A month later, I still hadn't received the refund, so I wrote back, and this was the artist's reply: http://timoran.com/baileynp/Image29.png

Note: The artist's TOS says nothing about commissions taking an infinite length of time, nor that the artist can refuse to complete a paid for commission for any reason. The TOS did say "no refunds" but the TOS did not exist when I bid on the auction journal, and was deleted since then (it was copied and pasted to one of the notes in the chain). As far as I'm concerned, when the artist said she had no intention of delivering the art, and was going to refund me, that makes her TOS null and void.

The artist in question has stated she is not doing any art anymore, ever, however she is instead focusing on a fursuit business. Personally, I wouldn't suggest anyone consider going to an unprofessional artist such as Bailey for a fursuit commission, and especially considering the amount of upfront money tied to a fursuit commission. I'm sure her quality is fine but it's not worth the risk that she will just decide she's not interested in doing the commission you prepaid her for anymore, and just telling you "sorry, no art, no refund!"

PROOF: http://timoran.com/baileynp/

EDIT 8/17: I have finally received the refund from the artist. Thanks to AB for the assistance.
Tags: artist-bailey/xxnanamithehuskyx, beware, resolved

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