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Skornthewolverine Aka. Sean Raduechel

>> Skornthewolverine <
Digital chibi's of sona's.

As shown in the screen shots it was : March 6th 2010 01:04

Images lost.

I had tried multiple times over the course of two years now to hear from him. He was replying and I gave the the benefit of the doubt for awhile but I think two years is just too long. I also received messages from a few other members of FA that said he scammed them and they never got their art from a year before me also. He is just all around bad news that only puts up the commissions of his friends that he had done. And very few that actually where not his friends and they seemed to be the more expensive commissions not the cheaper ones. I mean it was only a few bucks and he was in need of the money at the time so I wanted to help him out. But still the fact that he just made up excuses for everything that had happened is just a little bogus.  I would not have had issues with it that much if there was not excuses being made about it.  Just don't want anybody else to get ripped off also.

I have received a note from Skorn's new account and he is trying to  repair all of the grievances that he has caused to anyone that did not receive art for their payments.  Please contact them with a note to their FA page. @lavenderrose
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