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Webstore Questions

Hey there A_B, it's been a while! Anyway I decided to put off taking commissions until I turned 18 which I am very thankful for.

However, a few friends and I have been discussing ways to sell art-things online. We want to set up a webstore for the four of us, and we plan to sell a large variety of things.
At this stage, of course, it's still all hypothetical and planning. We probably won't actually do this for another few months.

My main question is! What would be best for hosting the site?
Would we be best off making our own site and renting the domain and splitting that fee, or utilising a site such as Etsy or Ebay? 
I'm still a bit new to this but I wanted to get the advice from A_B since many of you are very familiar with businesses.
We are looking to sell: Fursuit pieces, traditional art, digital art, armour (leather), possibly skateboard boards and little bits and bobs like jewellery and figurines/plushies. Would a host site like Etsy be good? Or Ebay? Or would we be better off hosting our own site?
Also we'd want to only deal with Paypal at this stage.

Thanks in advance! And sorry if this is repetitive in any way. 
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