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Mod Post: Moderator changes and community updates

Howdy, A_B!  We've got a few mod changes to announce.

Some time back, hamburger stepped down as a moderator due to time constraints.  I only just realized I never officially announced it.  (Or if I did, I can't find the post.  Either way, "d'oh!")

sigilgoat has taken a bit of a hiatus from moderating to concentrate on catching up with work before school starts. 

This has left us a tad short-handed, so we remaining mods decided to add another member to our team.  We are happy to announce we chose neolucky as our new moderator.  Neo has been a long-time active member of our community, and we're looking forward to working with her to keep our community running great!

And in other news:

We tend to get TOS or pricing (or TOS AND pricing) posts from time to time.  Some time ago, we made major general advice posts on the topics, but it has been quite some time and the requests and replies have petered out, not to mention some of the advice may be rather out of date.  We mods have decided to make them a more regular thing, posting either monthly or quarterly, depending on demand.  Hopefully, this will encourage more feedback, while preventing a preponderance of individual posts.  (man, I love alliteration!)

Finally, the community info page is going to get a freshening-up.  There is a fine balance between informative and tl:dr, and with more users joining us from services outside of LiveJournal, readability is key these days.   

Some initial thoughts:
  • abbreviate the rules list to one line each; make a separate post with the fully-explained rules and link to it from the community info page
  • combine the posting guidelines and beware template into one post
  • remove the tags list from the main community pages, and just link to it from the community info page 
  • switch to a variable-width layout, so users with wide monitors don't have just a narrow stripe of content on their screens
  • look into the pros/cons of using the S1 comment system (The one that LJ recently "improved"; input from those who have used it is welcome!) 

I'd love to hear suggestions from you all about how to improve the community info, rules, posting guidelines, and beware template, including both formatting and phrasing!  Reply here or shoot me an email at kerstinorion (at) gmail (dot) com.
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