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I'm not too sure if this is bogus or real, but I got this via VCL, and thought I should post it here, in case anyone else got this email.

From: "Tanis Underhill" <> | This is Spam | Add to Address Book
Subject: Saw your art on VCL
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 20:44:12 -0400


My name is Tanis and I am writing you on behalf of a company called
Tan-Dar. We are doing a non collectable furry card game and are in
need of artists. I noticed your art on VCL and am curious as to whether you
would be interested in doing art for the game. There is a spiel I'm suppose to
tell you which you will find below:

Well, I should start out by telling you about Tan-Dar Enterprises. We
are a
2 person basement company out of Toronto, Ontario. The company’s first
project is a furry non-collectable card game titled “Fury”.

When something is non-collectable, it means that once you buy all of
products (in this case 5 faction decks) you have a complete set of all
the cards. As oppose to a collectable card game such as Magic the
where you buy packs to try and get the cards you want (usually the
rares you
need which are 1 in every 36 packs). You may have to buy 100 packs of
at 3.69 CND to get your playset, So all and all it is cheaper for the
customer to get all the cards, which helps them to customize their

The game has a secondary effect of it being a storyline game, meaning
is a consistent story that runs through out the section of lets say 6
months. Along the way there are tournaments for the game which have 2
of prizes, the first being a material prize. The second being a story
effect prize, where the deck the winner plays will effect how certain
storyline events will happen. For example if the next major storyline
is a battle between the Vulpine empire and the Equines. Well if
win, in the story they will win the battle, or something completely
outrageous might happen such as another faction interfering on it’s own

The pictures will need to be done in black and white. The way we have
artist do the pictures is that we give you the story where the card
place, or similar events take place and allow you to design your own
picture. Certain consistencies must be met of course, such as the type
clothing one faction wears. (Example: The Foxes are very medieval
in their style of dress.) All drawings must be approved by myself
before the
final inking is done. As for how many pictures you will be asked to do,
question is how many do you want to do? I have over 100 + cards that
need art so in theory you may get asked to do upwards of 20 pieces (If

We get the original artwork upon it’s completion. The art may be used
promotional material, as well it may be used for some form of
(such as posters or t-shirts) to help generate money for future print
If we do put your art on t-shirt, or poster or whatever for the
purposes of
selling you will be informed and will receive a percentage of what the
sells for.

If you are interested in working for us, or have any questions please
me back.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Notice that it makes NO mention of money/rates for the artwork, only a small metnion of a sale cuts on possible t-shirt sales. Also, I tend to be very wary of two man/"furry" companies run out of basements. It requires the original artwork too, and offers no deadlines/dates/references.
Anyway, I declined (politely), on the basis of I had no time for such a large project.

Thoughts? {EDIT} vantid has gotten the same thing, and think's it's pretty legit, so I guess it was a false alarm, or something..o_O;
Found their web addy:

Dunno, still wary about it of course.
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