MagicalxSalami (magicalxsalami) wrote in artists_beware,

Beware: TesxaCoyote

WHO: TesxaCoyote on Furaffnity; sneak-theif on Deviantart


WHEN: Today, 7/30/12, around 10:45 pm.
Cut because it's long.

PROOF and EXPLAINATION: So today, 7/29/2012, I (Jack.) went into a livestream hosted by TesxaCoyote on Furaffinity, sneak-thief on DeviantArt, with the promise of mini chibis for $7. Now I thought they were adorable so I totally wanted one. So I asked to be on the list, everything was cool, and when it was my turn I linked the character I wanted. It happened to be this character here, owned by my friend Metz:

Tesxa accepted, drew the character and then asked for my payment which I gladly gave because the artwork was quite beautiful and cute. Then she posted it on her account:

I commented on it before I went to save it to my computer and what do I find when I save it?

For some odd reason she found it necessary to title the file "Fuck you this design is awful." Which is not only incredibly immature and rude, but it begs me to ask the question WHY do the commission in the first place if you hate the character? She could've easily just refused to do it.

I was still in the livestream at that point, and I said : "did you really hate the design that much? >_>"

To which she replied: "OH IT BURNED MY EYES."

I left before I could snag a screenshot of that interaction because I was so upset. It wasn't until after that a friend recommended I had done it and suggested I post on Artists Beware.

And then the owner of the character, Metz, commented on the submission (beneath my first comment that I put before I saw the file name):

and got an immature and rude response in return:

After that she did not communicate with either Metz or I. She could've easily told me that she did not like the character design and that would've been the end of that. I would've picked another character, or left. Instead she had to take a snide, sneaky path that left me, and others, feeling very hurt and upset and made her look bad.

And to top that off she did not apologize for her rude behavior. Not a single "sorry" was said. She simply brushed it off like it was not a big deal. Very rude, and highly unprofessional.
Tags: artist-tesxacoyote/sneak-thief, beware

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