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Who: Dark-Dragoncat
When: Beginning of January 2012
Where: In person/fa
What: Got materials and paid for feet, never got them.
Proof: Verbal agreement/talked bout it on the phone and online/goods were exchanged in person etc.


Back in December 2011, I talked with Dragoncat about possibly making me some kind of feet.
She said if I got the slippers/shoes and ordered the fur, she would make them for me.
Granted in all it only cost me about 70 bucks, but I paid for them/gave her the materials
back in the first week of January 2012.

I asked her if they could be done by Anime Boston 2012, which was back on April 6th, more time goes
by and it's almost time for Anthrocon which was around June 14th.

Every time I ask and or if she has an idea of when she can finish it she just says she has been busy etc,
which is true for anyone, but it has been 6 months now.

Around may I asked and said it has been like 5 months or so, is somethign going on and she tells me to
sit tight and that I am practically getting free feet,

I asked about it again recently, I have a screen shot of the message:
But that was sent today.
I will try and find the older messages, but I am uncertain if I can find them.
Tags: artist-darkdragoncat, beware, fursuit

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