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WHO: KitNabarii
WHAT: Failed to pay for 1 badge and 2 auctions (over $100), promised to pay and made up excuses to delay payment
WHEN: June 7th to July 10th

It started when I opened up for badge commissions on June 7th. She commented on the journal. However she never sent the money after I gave her my info

I opened up a Marker Auction on June 13th. All the rules were clearly stated. She commented on this as well, asking to pay for the badge and the auction in one shot. I said it would be better to send them separately. Again she said she would send the badge payment that has not been received.

Not long after that my friend Novelteeth and I opened a collab auction up where she ended up bidding $70 and winning.

here are the notes saying that she was planning on paying for the auctions. And even offering us half the money that day.
She never payed for them and held us up for a while. She read our notes and did not respond until we had to remind her and asked if she was ignoring us. She owed me over $100+ until I finally told her I would put the auction back up.

When I asked her why she could not inform me sooner about not being able to pay she made up excuses about her "sick baby". I told her I would have understood and would not be mad.

When my friend commented about our collab auction she got mad and was giving her different excuses. She ended up deleting the comments on her page before I could screen cap them.

2 weeks ago she told me she sent the payment weeks ago (even though no payment has been sent or she never notified me before). I told her if the payment did not get to me within a few days to cancel it for her safety.

EDIT: ok apparently we are "harassing her" I told her I am not going to do a badge and wait around for payments after the issues and I just got linked to this
ALSO here is a note she sent to me saying how this is our fault
Tags: beware, comm-izzyideshi/kitnabarii/kurokitten87
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