ciderfox (ciderfox) wrote in artists_beware,

Commissioner Beware: kitnabarii/kurokitten87

Okay so, my friend and I are having troubles with a commissioner.

(other aliases)


WHAT: Bidded on auction, never paid.

WHEN: June 23rd-July 10th 2012

PROOF: below cut

EXPLAIN: below cut

Nightlinez and I opened up for a collab auction on June 23rd, where KitNabarii ended up winning when it ended on July 2nd. I sent her a note asking about payment, which was ignored, after Nightlinez's initial note was ignored.
Nightlinez then sent more notes trying to get the payment out of her. As you can see, she promised to pay it 'tomorrow' which was July 6th. So far, we have received no such payments.

However, KitNabarii continues to buy art from others. I left a public shout to her which has now been deleted. She shouted back on my page claiming her baby is sick so she can't pay. The badges she is referring to are from Nightlinez which she ordered on June 7th and never paid. I responded on her page which was again, deleted. She gave more excuses about a sick baby, so I shouted again asking why she even bid on our auctions if she was having financial troubles. She replied saying that she did not know he would get sick. Even though a few minutes ago she claimed he got sick a month ago when Nightlinez first opened for badges.

She also appears to owe more people money.

She has now sent a note to Nightlinez telling us to re-start our auctions because she "doesn't want to keep us waiting". She claims she hasn't been able to get online, even though her favorites and submissions speak otherwise.

So, as a warning she seems very flaky and might just back out of paying you completely.

Nightlinez just received this note from her, trying to say it's our fault

Tags: beware, comm-izzyideshi/kitnabarii/kurokitten87

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