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Looking for Advice

This actually happened a while ago, and is now settled, but knowing FA it very well may happen again, so I am looking for some advice on how to handle it if it does.

A commission was delivered via note, but the commissioner was overseas when I did so. They had read the note, so I figured they had gotten the commission.

They were gone quite a long time, and I had lost a lot of files in that time. When they returned (I believe it was something like 4-6 months later. But I really can't remember.) They asked about the commission. They had never gotten it. I know they had read the note because I had checked in my outbox. But, apparently FA ate the note, and the last they had from me was the commission before that in the set. I no longer had the file, and I also no longer had the note (I cleared my outbox).

As he is a close friend, I offered a commission of my current style, free of charge, and actually worth quite a bit more than he originally paid. (The original commission style was no longer offered as I had improved greatly).

But, if this were to happen with an average commissioner, what would be the proper way to settle it? Apparently FA eats notes quite often? Should I maybe add something to my TOS about it? I cannot use email to take commissions as it also eats emails, at a much more frequent rate than FA does.

I use Gmail, and I have multiple accounts, all have the same issue with not sending or receiving. I have never had an issue with FA's note system except this one time, and I assume he had gotten the note because it was marked read after a few days, like all the previous ones I had sent.

Buying an external HD is out of the question as I cannot afford it. I can barely afford to feed myself. I'll try dropbox though, as I do have one. I do have an issue with limited about of HD space, which is why I tend to delete things after a few months.

EDIT 2 -
I have added a line in my TOS stating I will only keep the finished commission for two months after I first send it out to customers.
I will also use dropbox to send them out, so that URLs won't expire/images won't be deleted.
Thanks for all the advice, but like I said, I can't afford an external, so this option will have to do!
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