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3-4 month late payment. Advice needed

WHO: I'd rather keep her name a secret for now.

WHERE: The main website I use for my dealing is furaffinity ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zekulapdragon ) but I also take commissions over instant messengers as well. 

WHAT: I was commissioned by an individual to make a glass figurine for her friend of his fursona since he was going through a hard time. The price we both agreed on was $50 (which includes shipping) and so far, she's paid only $15. I am a very patient person since I can hold onto the commission until it is paid off, but I am running out of room to store the glass figurines I make. So I've been asking her when she will pay, and she keeps saying "I'll have it next week."     A week goes by.... "I'm so sorry! I'll have it next week for sure!" a week or 2 go by and it just keeps repeating. I am beginning to lost my patience, but I do not want to cause a conflict with the customer. 

I really want her to pay the money so that I can ship the figurine and make her friend happy, but I am at a loss now because she keeps delaying the payment. I don't want to make an Artists Beware journal about her because she is a nice person and I do not want to cause her that kind of stress but if this continues, I may have no choice. I need some advice. 

-Zeku the Lap Dragon

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