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Beware: Harrasment

WHO: Nekomage


WHAT: Started with a late payment but is about continued harassment after issue was resolved.

WHEN: The harassment only happened for a day before I deleted the journal. Time stamps are on everything if you need specifics of the whole event.

PROOF: Our dealing in notes.
The journal I made.

EXPLAIN: What happened is pretty simple. I painted an auction image for nekomage. There was apparently some issues with paypal but after waiting and contacting nekomage a few times and never receiving payment over the span of a couple weeks I became suspicious. I sent them a note saying that the payment was overdue and if they didn't pay, or contact me to try and pay by money order, I would warn others on dealing with them. The note went on ignored and unread even after I left a shout on their page asking them to read it. They were active but that went ignored.
Assuming they were avoiding paying me I put up a journal asking my viewers advice on the matter. As soon as he saw it he read and responded to my note as well as sent a payment then and there as far as the time on the Paypal invoice is concerned.

Honestly I got my money so its not about the payment. I am still suspicious that he only paid after the journal scared him but in all honesty I don't know if its just a coincidence the money went through right after the journal.

The problem here is he continued to spam my journal harassing me and my watchers long after I stopped talking to him. The last two times I said anything was my last note thanking him for the payment and a response in the journal that simply showed him an image of the payment I received and the time on it proving it just went through after the journal was posted and not a minute before. First couple of links had to be deleted because I missed crossing out some personal information in my hastiness but I went back and fixed it within minutes for safety reasons.

Of course he used my mistake as fuel for his fire. If you read the journal and notes it should be very clear.

All in all I still don't like doing this but it ended up as a terrible experience that I don't want anyone else to have to deal with. Sadly all he had to do was explain it was a misunderstanding and I would have left it at that.
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