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I forgot to edit this a while back. I've modified the lineart in SAI (modified the horns, removed the wings, removed jewelry etc.) and released it as 'free by request' lineart. This is as resolved on my end as it's going to get.

Zephriam on DeviantART.
Zephriam on FurAffinity.
And another FurAffinity account.

Zephriam on Furcadia, among many other alts. I am not sure what alts she has currently, because she's a known trader, but I know she won't part with Zephriam, and I know some alt names are listed in the thread below.

WHERE: Art trade between me and her turned commission.

WHAT: She asked for character lineart. Agreed price was $12.00. Art can be viewed [ here ]

WHEN: 2010. Image was originally submitted on my old deviantART account in August 2010.

PROOF: Screenshots of notes are provided here. I am the OP, Lau.

EXPLAIN: Originally, this started as an art trade. Then we decided she'd pay me 12 dollars paypal for the art. And then she never paid, and when I tried to contact her about it, repeatedly, she always never had the money or had some sort of crisis. While commissioning and paying other artists. I didn't want to resort to this but I see no other options. All details are explained in the thread linked in "Proof".

EDIT: Added DA/FA links.
EDIT 2: Added the new FA link as well.
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