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Just after some advice

Hi guys, long time watcher, first time poster. I'm not 100% sure if this belongs here but I've seen some advice posts similar in the past.

Recently a friend pointed out to me that some of my old art has been reposted onto a website without my permission. The thing is though, I remember the same site doing this to me years ago (I'm talking 12+ years ago), and I had requested the art to be removed, and they had oblidged.

So when I went back now years later I find that the exact same art is still there, along with some new additions (again old art, but I know it wasn't there when I had asked for the first removal).

The site has an FAQ relating to art removal requests, but when I checked it it says:

FAQ #7: I am an artist and someone told me my art is here.. how to i get it removed? Or, I asked my art to be removed, It _WAS_, but now it is back?
You contact one of the staff and let us know, we will take it down! This site does not condone art theft, all an artist need do is ask.

Any artist folders removed, get recycled back into the site at the beginning of each year. You want it to stay gone? You have to care enough to keep coming back.
If your art is here, it's likely because someone was browsing, found it, liked it.. and wanted to share it with more people, or preserve it if your site goes away. You should feel honored that they love your art enough to spread it, and instead, ask us to put a link to your site in your artist folder!

The bold part is what concerns, and quite frankly annoys me: my question is is such a thing allowed? I know a simple request isn't a concrete agreement, but when an artist says remove my art, it means remove my art, not recycle it for reupload a year later. And is there a way to make them permanent remove the art without them being sneaky about it?

I don't mind reposting, but at the same time I do want control over where my art goes as much as I'm able to. And I find it a bit rude that they're ignoring requests like this. I'm not honored by this in the least, it's not up to them to decide what to do.

Thank you in advance, I'm hope I'm doing this right and this is the only time I have to post here.

EDIT: Firstly thank you so so much for the quick response everyone! I'm at work now so I'll try to respond back as much as possible.

And yes the site is http://tails.kicks-ass.net/index.php?area=help&view=7 - the site has been around for years from what I remember, but like I said, I figured if I had asked them to take art down 12+ years ago it should stay down, but apparently not.
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