Caden Stallsworth (crazeetyger) wrote in artists_beware,
Caden Stallsworth

BEWARE: Darius Koopa/ DMK

WHO: Darius Koopa/DMK


WHAT: Art Trade

WHEN: Nov. 6, 2011

EXPLAIN: I posted a journal opening up art trades ( ) and DMK was one of the people who commented. We exchanged info on what we wanted (I do not have those initial notes any longer) and I finished my half a few days later ( ). I wasn't working at the time and so I could churn out my
art rather quickly. I did not expect him to do the same.

Two months later, I hadn't seen or heard about our trade, so I sent hom a quick note:

He said he had been busy and I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

The following month, still not having heard anything, I shot him another note (I seem to have deleted the one I initially sent) :

Again, he said his life was hectic. I was moving at the time and understood. The link is a ref sheet.

I would send him a note once a month over the next several months:

He did not respond to this last note, though he read it within an hour or so of my sending it. I waited a month to send the next one. I was annoyed with his excuses and realizing I would most likely not see the art owed, I got a tad bit snippy:

He offered to email me his sketch. I'm not really sure why I insisted on him uploading it instead. I just felt it would be a bad idea if he had my email.

I went out of town a few days later and when I returned, he still had not posted the sketch. I sent him another note, to which he read and ignored.:

I admit, I was probably too snippy in that last note. But being polite wasn't working and I was asking a direct question in which I wanted a direct yes or no answer.

After the second note or so, I did start watching him (to which he watched me in return) . He is very active in his journals, opening up commissions and doing live streams. I understand people need money to live (sad but true) so I didn't want to be too insensitive. Yes, we had a transaction of art instead of money, but art from someone else doesn't pay your bills. I understand that. I just felt I was getting the run around with him and the feeling I would never get the art I was owed.

EDIT 7/20: He finished his half and sent me the link today. It's been uploaded to his page. He did apologize in both the note and the artist comments.
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