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GeltyDrake - Commission Incomplete



$30 color digital, two character commission, with minimal background, no physical work to be mailed

Multiple conversations via FA notes over the last two years have produced only one rough sketch. Artist has busy work schedule and possibly had health issues in the Fall of 2010.
Requests for the artist to finish or refund my money have been met with apologies, but no artwork or refund. Artist continues to take commissions from others and post new artwork.

01/27/10 (Day 0) - Initial note sent on FA, accepted and paid $30 via Paypal (Images a,b,c,d)
04/07/10 (Day 70) - Artist apologizes for delays and sends proof sketch, which I approve (Images e,f,sketch)
10/09/10 (Day 255) - I ask for another update, artist apologizes again and offers his MSN messenger info to stay in touch (I don't use MSN messenger, but it was a nice gesture) (Images j,k,l,m)
05/26/11 (Day 484) - Artist deletes his gallery and journals, but the next day apologizes and starts over (Image journals)
09/23/11 (Day 604) - I ask for an update, artist is apologetic and promises to work on it, I thank them for their honesty (Images g,h,i)
12/31/11 (Day 703) - I contact artist and ask where I am in his list of commissions (Image n)
01/03/12 (Day 706) - No response to my last note, but artist posts a journal with commission waiting list (Image journal)
06/19/12 (Day 874) - I formally request a refund, artist is sincerely sorry, but insists on finishing the commission next week (06/26/12) but does not respond to my question if it's not ready, will he give me a refund (Images o,p,q,r,s,t,u)
06/28/12 (Day 883) - I contact artist again, no response (Image v)
07/04/12 (Day 889) - I contact artist again, no response (Image w)
07/08/12 (Day 893) - This post
Tags: artist-geltydrake, beware

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