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Not sure how to approach this...

Hey guys! So I have a bit of an issue with a local artist. I don't want to name names right now, hoping it will be resolved before then.

I've known this artist as a friend for a while now, we both go to some events together. About a month ago, they were looking for time cards for various reasons and things (i.e phone cards etc etc). I had some extra money to spare, so I sent this person a phone card, with a description of what I wanted.

This artist was just about to go into some iron artist slots, and said for the full piece I wanted, the time card would be more than sufficent.

About a week or two later, the artist informs me that they are no longer going to be offering the iron artist slots.... okay, im fine with that. Then I'm informed they feel uncomfortable drawing the subject matter in my piece ( it was a vehicle) I understand and agree, that i will come up with something else they can draw for me. I gave them a reference for what I would like drawn . Then, I heard nothing.

This piece had a hard deadline set for next week, and as of late this person has become sick. I understand, life happens and getting sick happens... but I bought this card well over 3 weeks ago, almost a month and nothing yet.

I'm just worried that I may never get my art as when they did have free time, they were just doing streams of art for people who paid in the stream :/ I've got a few friends too that paid for art a while ago and still nothing.

Any suggestions? I plan on pm'ing the artist soon here just as a friendly reminder.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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