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Advice with this commission

WHO: Will keep private in case situation is resolved

WHERE: Furbuy

WHAT: Inked two character colored with background.

WHEN: June 10, 2012


EXPLAIN: I bought this commission on furbuy about a month ago. I sent payment right away, and he said he will be working on it at anthrocon. I sent a note every two weeks asking for a update. He kept giving me excuses about being sick, and even asked me who i was since he had forgotten about me. He didn't even have me on his commission list, and was posting art that he got commissioned to doing at anthrocon. I finally sent him a note asking i be put on the top of his list, since it was before the convention commissions he took on. He did so, and finally sent me a draft yesterday. Everything looked fine, and today he gave me the final. Except one thing, its not colored. If you look at the above image of the auction, it clearly sais colored. Or maybe i am misunderstanding it?

I sent him a email asking if he is going to color it and i received this as a reply:
This one was just for the inked image. (link of auction) will be sending it in the mail once you give me an address.

And i replied with:
"Inked adult commission of two characters colored with background. "
It sais colored?

I'm not sure what to do from here. I am waiting on a reply from him. Any advice would help.
Tags: advice for commissioners

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