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Beware: TheSassyJessy/CelestetheHedgehog/Palette Swap

WHO: TheSassyJessy/CelestetheHedgehog/Palette Swap
http://askpalette-swap.tumblr.com/ http://celestethehedgehog.deviantart.com/ http://thesassyjessy.deviantart.com/
WHERE: deviantart and is also on tumblr
WHAT: 5 traditional sketches, then later on changed last sketch to a 3 full pics of a pony character to make up for the wait
WHEN: July 12th 2011 is when I contacted her, she acccepted, payment was sent on the 15th of the same month. 
PROOF: Original DA notes confirming the commissions(s) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellydanote1.png
journals saying she was going to leave her account once commissions were done; other journal saying she was going to stay and remind her of who commissioned her  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellyjournals.png
two notes I tried sending her for updates, both read, but no replies http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellynote1.png http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/cellynote2.png
I can also get MSN chat logs, though there isnt too much info in them. the only thing is I asked her via MSN for one more sketch which she confirmed. 
And this is pretty much what any attempt to contact her looks like https://dl.dropbox.com/u/18591885/celly%20skype.png

I commissioned her around a year ago now, her username on deviantart was CelestetheHedgehog. She was doing a sale on sketches so I thought I'd get a few, if I recall she was having money issues. I contacted her a little bit after her sale, on July 11th by note, and she accepted. I sent her payment a few days later, and she got to work. Not too long after, I got the first sketch from her, and was very pleased with it. She said she'd work on the next ones soon, so I waited. I didn't use MSN much, which was one of the only ways to contact her, but I tried to sign on every once in awhile to see if she had anything new. I never managed to get online at the same time she did, so I dropped her a DA note to see if she would see it and reply. It took her awhile, but she got back to me, saying she had 2 more sketches, and would give them to me that night when she scanned them. I got online and poked her, and she gave me 2 sketches, I was pleased with them. 
I trusted she was going to finish the others at this point, so I gave her some time. I tried to pop on MSN now and then, to see if she had anything for me. I never saw her online again after that. I had just figured she wasn't around when I was, so I tried to shoot her a DA note. No reply. 
Eventually, she made a journal saying that anyone who commissioned her should note her to remind her of what they had gotten so she could finish it ASAP. Alright. I noted her again. No reply. Pretty sure she at least read it. I was kinda upset at this point, still popped on MSN now and then to see if she was there, nothing.
I eventually found out she had moved accounts, and didn't even tell me, as well as I assume anyone else who commissioned her. Turns out she had become a pony artist, and had her own ask blog on Tumblr, AskPalette-Swap. I was pretty upset, it's probably one of the worst things a commissioner can do is change accounts and not tell people who paid you. Doing that just seems like you're fleeing.
After I found out who she was, saw she had been posting quite a bit to her ask blog, I noticed her name pop up on Skype, in which I promptly IMed her, asking about things. She took awhile to reply, but she finally did, and apologised. She said she had the rough sketches, and that she would even draw some pictures, full color, of my pony to make up for the wait. I was pleased to hear this. She said she was sick, but would show me the pics later in the night after she woke up from a nap.
Later that night, I got no message. I waited for a week or so, I figure I'd give her time to heal from being sick. But I heard nothing from her, at all. But I noticed one thing, she kept posting to her ask blog just fine. Drawing or streaming every day. I was incredibly upset at this point. I tried so hard to get to her, I even consider her a friend, I know her from a long time ago. And she just treats me like this. It doesn't seem like she cared at all about getting things done, which is weird. She had worked so fast before. 
I ended up sending her a few messages on skype again, one asking for an update. Sent it at around 5 PM, no reply. Noticed at around 1 AM she posted a picture to her pony blog. IMed her again. No reply, so I sent her a message letting her know how I feel. Took her forever to reply, but she did, saying she was sorry and would work on the pics soon. I eventually got 2 of the last promised pics, but I'm still waiting on one, which apaprently just needs some color. I keep waiting, trying to contact her on skype, and on tumblr, no replies, ever. I'm pretty sure she's ignoring me, since I see her change her skype icon quite a bit.
To add to the frustration, she opened up MORE commissions on her pony blog, and even finishes them before mine. She even draws things for 4chan. It's frustrating, this honestly has to be the most frustrating commissioner I have ever had to deal with. I try my hardest to keep in contact, and be polite, but I just can't deal with this anymore. Is it really that hard to just finish the work? She said she just had to color it. And refuses to stay in contact with me or reply to me.
So I'm posting this here. It's just upset me so much, especially since she used to be so good at delivering art. I tried to be nice since she's a friend, but I don't want to be treated like this. u_u
I wouldn't have been so bothered if I just got an update. I've waited pretty long for commissions but it doesn't bug me as much as long as the person stays in contact so I know they don't just run off. I'll probably get the last pic eventually, but I feel this attitude towards commissioners is uncalled for.

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