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Beware: Bad attitude- Marblesbravetail

WHO:  Marbles Skunk

WHERE:  Over FA and, briefly over Facebook. 

WHAT:  A pre-made Coatimundi Character in which she was selling with another character,.

The beginning of the transaction:

WHEN: Roughly Two months ago, I saw Marbles was selling a few characters, one of them 'Tori', a coatimundi, caught my eye and I inquired about a price, which is where the transaction started (on the submission advertising the character.) 

Submission page offering character for sale - (Our initial conversation can be seen in the comments.) 

Screencap(s) of comments :



-Then I paid on May 5th, 2012.
Paypal screenshot:

I waited for a while, then a few things happened (unrelated life things) and I ended up forgetting all about the character purchase until very recently, last tuesday; (July 2nd) 

I decided to give her a friendly poke/reminder on facebook to check in. 

A day passed, nothing, she had been active on facebook, 'liking' things and made a comment to someone. Feeling worried that I was being blown off, I sent a second poke that night, this time voicing my concerns, this is where the situation escalates; 

1.) Screencap 1/2 .)

2.) Screencap 2/2 )

As seen in the screenshot, I was met with attitude and swears and aggression. Despite being taken back, and a bit insulted, I tried to approach the situation as civil as possible. I decided there, by her attitude and failure to deliver initially, that I wanted a full refund, as I had not even used the character anyways.  She accused me of shorting her on an (unrelated) refund issued recently. I tried to explain a bit of why the payments ere either cents or a few dollars short (paypal fee.) She refunded me in full (17 usd) then on the note of "Fine I sent it back now leave me alone."

Although I was refunded in full after a bit of negotiating, I feel her behavior and attitude alone warrants a beware here. Very off putting in a transaction.  

PROOF:  (See above section.) 

EXPLAIN: (See above section, ) 

EDIT: Edited the screenshot links to hide involved parties (real) names

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