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Maoria on FurAffinity - Doesn't Honor Commissions, then Blocks Me

WHO: maoria on FurAffinity

WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/maoria/

WHAT: 3 traditional sketches, to be delivered by mail after completion.  

WHEN: Bought commissions a year ago.  Have not even seen commissions, let alone received them.

PROOF: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2216583/

Screencaps of her FurAffinity journal are below showing where I am listed as buying commissions (I am "thedormouse").



EXPLAIN: A year ago maoria posted the commission journal shown above.  I decided to commission some pictures and noted her on FA.  She was friendly and responsive at first, as this note with history shows, and was even willing to ship from the UK to the US:


After I sent her payment, she abruptly cut off communication.  After a few weeks, I noted her again about the commissions and received this bizarre response.


After some time with no further communication, I messaged her several times but received no response (even though the FA note system indicated they had been read or at least deleted).  Finally, I told her that I'd open a trouble ticket on her if she did not respond.  Naturally, she didn't, so I did, though that got me nowhere.

Her account was fairly inactive for many months.  Recently, however, she has made a return and has even started taking commissions again.  I noted her about mine.  When the first few were ignored, I noted her again and found she had blocked my account.  She's posted a "to-do" list of commissions, which I am of course not on.  Emails to the accounts she has listed on her FA account yield no response either.

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