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Beware: Paint

Who: Paint -

Where: Furaffinity

What: Commissioned Miss Paint to do a non adult piece of my character and my friends.

When & Explanation: Commission was excepted by the artist on Nov 20th, 2011 she noted me the price would be 68.00 in all and to expect work to be finished by mid December to early January. I then sent the artist the amount requested by PayPal that day. After December and January passed I waited two more months and the first note on April 6, 2011 asking for an update, no reply was received, I again sent a note on April 16 and still no reply. On April 30th the artist made a journal saying she was going to start refunding all commissions, on May 6th artist uses excuse of surcharges from 3 citations has pushed back refunds. On Jun 29th I gave the artist a deadline to refund the commission and the next day she finally responds saying she would refund then proceeds to lecture me.

1st commission request -

Excepted and rough time frame for completion-

Paypal payment sent-

1st request for update on the 6th second request made was a repeated 16th

Artist announces refunds to commissioners-

Surcharge excuse

Deadline given for refund-

Artist reply-

Edit: artist issued full refund on jun. 30th
Tags: artist-paint/skink/cockatrice, beware, resolved

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