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Help! Paypal chargebacks!

Hey guys!
This is just me asking for some advice on something.

Tonight, I was issued two chargebacks (as of right now) from one of my commissioners. I've already e-mailed her, asking what's up. Her Paypal was hacked back in April, and her bank chose to ignore her list of false charges, and issued chargebacks for ALL of the things. She told me things should be straightened out in a couple days.

My question is, what should I do about it on my end?

The only options Paypal gives me on the "Resolve Chargeback" page are:
"Provide Shipping Information."
"I can provide evidence other than proof of shipment."
"I can provide proof that I refunded the payment for this transaction."
"I will accept liability for this transaction."

I have 10 days to put in my response... but... I'm not sure which option I should choose, if any. I'd like to copypaste the email she sent me, explaining her situation, and let Paypal review it, but I don't see anywhere that I can do that.

Do I even need to do anything? If she gets things straightened out in a couple days, will that fix it?

Fortunately, it didn't take anything out of my bank yet, and my Paypal account just has a negative balance. But I'd like to.... not have a negative balance. XD
Tags: advice for artists

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