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Beware: kithylin perth

Who: Kithylin  AKA: kithylinperth Mothwolf alpha.husky Harpua kithylin.perth


What: A fursona Hoodie to be made in fleece.  

When: Payment was sent on January 25th 2012.  We spoke on the 26th where he told me he would send me pic of the status in a few weeks.  I followed up in the last week of February since I had not heard from him, or seen anything.  I didn't get any reply till April 19th 2012 when he told me is had gotten swamped.  He acknowledged he had received my dozens of notes asking for a status update.  He apologized and promised to have some pictures later that night for me, and he promised to have it all wrapped up & shipped before May 1st 2012.  Once again he disappeared and ignored my follow ups till May 30th. Where he added me to his Yahoo Messenger.  We chatted and promised once again to have my hoodie shipped out by June 10th 2012.  I have not heard from him since.

Proof: Original Order ~
           Payment Proof ~
           Last conversation ~

Explain:  He has yet to show me any progress on my order.  This was a date sensitive order and now the date for the event has pasted.  I'm out $100 and have nothing at all to show for it.  He has yet to return any of my Notes on FA, Emails, or messages on Yahoo messenger.  
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